The Perfect Color For Your Home

3 Ways To Find Out The Perfect Color For Your Home

What is the most interesting part of interior designing? If you ask any interior designers, they would say that choosing the right color for space is the toughest job in the profession. It is because everyone has a different perspective for each color, and it can make or break the design of your living space. Thus, choosing the right color for your home is one of the essential elements in interior design. However, there are some ways to figure out the right color, and most of the home interior designers in Chennai use them to get their work done. Experts say that wall colors add an instant impression and enhance the place’s ambiance. 60% of living space is lightened by colors and the rest by upholstery, and furniture. Hence, in this post, let us see the 3 ways to find out the perfect color for your home.

Use light color:

The foremost way in choosing the right color for your living space is opting for neutral and subtle shades. These colors make even the smaller or less spacious rooms brighter and more welcoming. The main concept for choosing light shade for a smaller room is to make the room look wider and spacious. Dark shades like red, yellow, or even blue can make the space look narrow, and crowded. So, the interior designers in Chennai choose colors like off-white, neutral green, and blue to make the space look less cramped. Some even choose tones like pastels, alabaster, and earthy tones for a subtle look. Hence, always choose the lighter tones to your living space especially, for small rooms to make them look less narrow.

Choose the color as per the furniture:

Secondly, choose your wall or ceiling paint as per your furniture color. As mentioned earlier, your upholstery also plays a vital role in enhancing your ambiance. For example, if you have a light-colored couch or wooden furniture, choose tones like off-white, or cream to give a matte finish look to the set-up. If the furniture or upholstery is patterned, choose light colors because you don’t want the room to look too busy. In case you can also include wall designs that are brighter to increase the brightness and liveliness of the room. In that case, choose your furniture in shades like French vanilla, mint, or emerald green to balance the brightness. The top interior designers in Chennai even suggest opting for dark on a dark shade combination. But only choose this option if the room is spacious and airy.

Add bold colors:

Thirdly, you can add colors that are bold to give a makeover to the room. For example, if you have painted the room grey and, white it can look dull. In that case, you add bold red color in the form of photos, lamps, table cloth, or even curtains, to pop up the base color. If you are interested in this type of color scheme, choose the interior decorators in Chennai for an amazing interior makeover.

Thus, these are the ways to choose the right color for your living space. Check out with the Interior Jumbo – the best interior designers in Chennai for amazing designing solutions.

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