Kitchen That Will Always Stay Clean

Designing Tips For A Kitchen That Will Always Stay Clean

can live with grease and spot over the countertop, but some want their kitchen to be spic and span all the time. These spots can be removed easily from the workstation, but some are strong and spoil the kitchen’s entire look. That is why many have changed from a traditional kitchen to a modular kitchen Chennai. The modular kitchen is one way to keep your look trendy and clean at the same time. Experts say that the way to have a clean kitchen starts right from designing. So, while setting up the workstation, ensure that you follow the designing tips for a Kitchen that will always stay clean. Hence, listed are some tips to make your kitchen look neat at all times by including them in the designing phase.

Choose glossy finish:

The foremost tip to make your kitchen look is to have a glossy and laminate finish. Our traditional kitchen never had this polished and shiny look. The countertops were made up of hard stones, giving the kitchen a dull and pale look. Similarly, the stains on this countertop do not fade away that easily. So, choose your countertop and workstations of high-gloss laminate or acrylic top for a glossy finish rather than a matte finish. The cleaning of the laminate finish surface is much easier. You need a bowl of warm water and a sponge to remove the stubborn stains from the glossy surface. The home interior designers in Chennai even suggest having your cabinets of the same texture to complete the look.

Roller shutter and storage place:

Another excellent tip to make your kitchen look less clumsy is having plenty of storage and rolling shutters. The primary reason your kitchen gets stained is that there is no place for jars and containers. So, having a dedicated storage place makes the kitchen look clean and spacious. Similarly, go for roller shutter while designing the storage. The toaster and mixer are appliances that consume more space, and you can’t pull them out daily. This tambour unit with the roller shutter makes easy access to your appliances and does not accommodate much space. Thus, approach the best interior designers in Chennai to have a clear kitchen to put away your appliances after daily use.

Choose a non-porous material:

Thirdly, it is essential to choose non-porous material for your countertop surface. The natural stones are porous material and absorb the stains quickly, making the cleaning more difficult. Thus, while designing the kitchen surface, choose artificial stones like Corian or quartz because they are non-porous. These stones are highly resistant to heat, unlike natural stones like granite and marble. These artificial stones are resistant to stains like turmeric and oil. Thus, the top interior designers in Chennai use only a non-porous with dark-colored laminate finish surface for the countertop for a contemporary look.

Hence, these tips will help you to achieve the desired result. Interior Jumbo – the best interior decorators in Chennai, are here to make your kitchen more lively and welcoming.

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