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How Do Interior Designers Make The Maximum Use Of Lights?

When you enter a shopping mall or luxury boutique, you will find the warm yellow light that makes you feel different. Yes, right? It is the work of interior designers to bring that magic to every customer who visits the store or shopping mall. Interior designers play with various colors and patterns to enhance the creativeness in their work and style. One of the elements that interior designers in Chennai use and love to play is light. Yes, light is the essential component in every design because they create a unique feeling in the interiors. For instance, if your room has brighter lights, it makes you feel alert and awake even at night. If your room has softer lights, it makes you feel relaxed and induces sleep faster. Hence, people with insomnia use soft lights over the brighter lights for better sleeping. Therefore, in this post, let us see how interior designers make maximum output using the lights.


The foremost step in lighting is planning the space for lighting. The interior designers first investigate the room thoroughly and ask their customers about the activity in the room. For instance, if you are planning to redecorate the room or start to build a new one, consider the main task in the room. Think about the main activities that are going to happen, like eating, sleeping, or studying. It will help the interior decorators in Chennai in identifying the appropriate place to hang the lights and bring the maximum light into the room. After planning the activity in the room, designers select the light according to the style of your room. It helps them to decide the color of lighting. They even visualize the after effect of the light and the temperature of the room.

Layer the lights:

After the color of the light is selected, designers layer the lights to enhance the atmosphere in the room. They layer the lights in different levels for attraction and as an interesting element in the room. The uplighting makes the room look wide, and small pendant lights will give an illusion of height. The small pendant light will make the larger rooms much cozier and suitable for kitchen countertops, dinette sets, and bathrooms.


Now, it is time to hang the light at a suitable destination. The home interior designers in Chennai consider the major activity happening in the room and use light accordingly. For instance, in the kitchen, where lighting is more required, designers use recess lighting and bright downlights in cabinets, countertops, and above stovetops. In a study room, the lights should be directional and flexible as per your convenience. Many interior designers use dimmers because they are energy efficient and change the atmosphere of the room instantly.

Hence, lighting plays a vital role starting from the living room to the modular kitchen Chennai. Therefore, make your home classy and beautiful with the lighting to make the space more welcoming and attractive by avoiding the old structures.

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