Modular Kitchen Chennai

How to maintain a modular kitchen?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions amongst people who have newly renovated their kitchens and also their homes. Several Interior Designers In Chennai recommend you to maintain your modular kitchen efficiently because it’ll help to cut the future maintenance and overhead costs which will save a ton of your budget.

The busiest area in the house in India is the kitchen, which is host to a variety of quick tasks involving cooking and cleaning. When we’re scrambling around trying to get things done, we crave speed and ease, which is now open to us due to the advent of modular kitchens. If we look at the latest trend nowadays, we can see that modular kitchens are steadily gaining momentum across the country. Modular kitchens provide you with the comfort of convenience while also allowing you to bring a certain amount of elegance to your home. Modular kitchens have redefined new houses, as we’re seeing already. 

Modular kitchens in Chennai certainly make your experience of working in the kitchen simpler, but they can be difficult to install. Home Interior Designers In Chennai suggest that you must keep your kitchen tidy daily. To maintain the gleaming and long-lasting appearance of the modular kitchen’s drawers and shelves, use a gentle cleanser and a fluffy cover. Keep in mind that if you vacuum daily, you will be able to avoid any dust or debris from settling on your cabinets. 

Furthermore, stop using a hard ingredient because it can cause the surface to turn rough over time. You can even scrub your kitchen without using any chemicals if you want to. Create a cleaner from the things you already have in your kitchen. Simply combine half a cup of vinegar or baking soda with two gallons of water, and rinse with a smooth cloth to remove the residue. It’s important to cover the shutters, shelves, drawers, and cabinets of your modular kitchen to avoid an accidental oil leak or spill when cooking. It would also eliminate any steam from the kitchen from reaching the cabinets and creating stickiness on the counter. 

If something spills when you’re working in the kitchen, wipe it off with a rag right away to avoid lasting stains or scratches. We have a tendency to quickly take out a drawer or open a cabinet, particularly when we are in a rush. When this opening and closure of drawers occurs repeatedly, the drawers will become unhinged with time. A further scenario in which this might happen is if you add a huge amount of weight to the drawers, causing the fittings to fall loose. As a result, the first step you can take is to add high-quality hinges in all of your modular kitchen cabinets. Lastly, search the drawers daily to see if the hinges are causing any noise.

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