Lighting - An important Aspect of Interior Designing

Lighting – An important Aspect of Interior Designing

Lighting is a crucial interior design feature in all commercial settings. It contributes to making a comfortable and effective workplace while raising the space’s aesthetic value. It has a significant potential to raise the area’s efficiency quotient in addition to having an impact on how people perceive the space, the atmosphere, and their mood. Additionally, proper lighting enhances the coherence and flow of an interior design by complementing other design components such as color scheme, space arrangement, furniture, and more. The top interior designers in Chennai at Interior Jumbo offer the best commercial and home interior designing solutions that enhance lighting. In this blog, we shall look at the different features of lighting that make it an important aspect of interior design.

Effects Of Lighting On Interior Design

Color Management

It is well known that lighting has a big impact on how colors seem in a space. Light is intended to bring out the best in each surface and change the overall color scheme of a room. The ambience of the space can be elevated if it’s one of your home’s rooms. For instance, lighter colours have the exact opposite effect of darker colours in making a space appear confined and smaller. Light-coloured walls help give the illusion that a tiny space is much bigger by allowing the space to breathe.  The illusion of space can be bent to appear larger and more expansive by lighting the walls more.


Lighting is employed by designers to create living and working spaces that meet the needs of their clients since it is frequently and primarily used to adjust the ambience of a room. If an office setting is involved, a designer will be needed to create a setting that encourages concentration and productivity among the staff. Designers must take into account a variety of aspects in order to ensure that an interior space is adequately illuminated for the desired working ambience, mood, and functionality. Private offices, lobby spaces, and our modular kitchen Chennai ought to all have distinctive ambiences. Because of this, our interior designers provide various lighting designs to suit the best.


Lighting’s main purpose in interior design is to create the perception of space. In the absence of natural light, you can brighten a room and give the impression that it is larger by using corner lamps, wall sconces, and centrally placed lights. Interior decorators in Chennai add huge windows and glass doors for better natural lighting. The use of natural lighting is always preferable to that of artificial lighting. Both the business and the home can benefit greatly from this. It enhances the entire visual field while doing a far better job of displaying colors. 

Lighting is the heart of interior design. To get the desired look, every detail must be flawlessly matched and harmonised, from the materials utilised and furniture selection to color palettes. A unified design fluidity can only be produced by the lighting. Our home interior designers in Chennai at Interior Jumbo work wholly with the clients to create striking interior design structures of their choice.

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