Pooja Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Prayer spreads a positive vibe around your home and lets you connect with the ultimate superpower. Whatever religion you follow, allocating a dedicated prayer place in your home is significant. Pooja room is an integral part of our Indian culture. Typically in a pooja room, you have your favourite deities and light a lamp or Diya daily. Some offer their prayer by meditating, chanting mantras, singing and reading respective holy books. Your pooja room should give you a calm and serene ambience to pray. Therefore, it reminds you of the presence of supreme power in every possible way. 

You must consider space available, Vastu and direction for designing a pooja room. Undoubtedly, you must also be mindful of the radiance and elegance. Interior designers in Chennai will provide expert guidance in designing your pooja room.

The basic types of pooja rooms are

  1. Individual Rooms
  2. Free-standing shelf
  3. Wall mounted

Individual Rooms:

Many homes have a small individual room dedicated to prayer called a pooja room. The benefit of having a separate room is that you get privacy while praying. You can place your idol or photos of your deity with ample space. You can store your pooja items in an organised way and design your cabinets accordingly. Furthermore, you can add a low-lying chair or mat as per your choice to increase your comfort. A closed-door pooja room gives a more spiritual essence than an open space. You have various options in choosing your pooja room decor. For example, add wall decals like Diya and swastika with collapsible jaali doors to give your pooja room a fresh and modern look. Reeded glass doors are also a trend for better privacy. Hire the best interior designers in Chennai for more modern and trending ideas on pooja decor.

Free-standing shelf:

They are individual units that can be placed anywhere in your house. Self-standing shelves are a suitable option if you are in a rented house. Wood or plywoods are used for making pooja racks. Similar to individual rooms, you will get adequate storage space, but it has less privacy. You can customise it based on available space.

Wall mounted:

They can be mounted on your wall. It is a small unit made of wood and has provisions for hanging on the wall. If you are in an apartment with less living space, you can opt for wall-mounted pooja units. They come in different designs and sizes. 

Additional tips to be remembered when designing your pooja room,

  • It is recommended you offer your prayer facing north/east
  • Do not store anything above the pooja room cabinet where the deity is placed.
  • Avoid constructing a pooja room in front of the toilet/bathroom.
  • Choose a distinctive door for the pooja room.
  • Choose a pleasant and warm colour.
  • Use a rug or mat on the floor.

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