Rugs that transform your living room interior design!

A complete make-over of your house may really seem tedious and frustrating. There would be a lot of moving and cleaning to be done. There would be a lot of planning on the arrangements, colors, design, and all other auxiliary factors that go into the successful interior design of your sweet home. 

In the end, the painstaking work—Mentally and financially–would be justified at the very sight of all the improvements to your home. But then you realize something is missing!

The Best Interior Designers in Chennai would probably know what that is in an instant. Rugs! The rugs, which serve the purpose of a floor mat, also give a great finishing touch to the overall design of the house. The type of rugs you choose can add so much flair!

Here are some recommendations of the rugs that can transform your living room interior design:

1 – Low-cost synthetic rugs

This type of rug is most commonly used in every household due to its low price. Therefore, this offers an economical advantage (if you are looking for one) and also makes your room elegant without showing off too much. Another reason why this is preferred most is its inherent quality of being durable and lasting for a long time. Synthetic rugs are stain-resistant and thus, make it easier to clean them.

2 – Soft woolen rugs

Woolen rugs are the ‘go-to’ choice if you need something soft against your feet. This is an appropriate choice to be used beneath the floor of the living room sofa where you would probably spend watching television. Woolen rugs come in handy, especially during cold climates. It is because of its ability to act as an insulator between the floor and the feet. Hence, this type of rug offers both form and functional purposes in the living room.

3 – Premium feel with a Silk rug       

Silk rugs add grandeur to the interior design. Home Interior Designers In Chennai would normally suggest this rug as it goes well with a premium makeover of the house. It can be on the higher side when it comes to the cost due to the nature of the material. Silk rugs often come in intriguing colors, patterns, and designs.

4 – Easy to maintain cotton rugs

Cotton rugs are the best way to create a natural and pleasing color tone for the interior design of the house. The material is very easy to wash and can be put to use for a long time. Interior Decorators In Chennai probably come up with infinite design ideas to find the perfect match for your living room.

5 – Traditional look with a Jute rug

Jute rugs are the best choice when you desire to create a countryside feel with a little touch of sophistication. It would create a nice, contrasting look when used in a modernized interior design. They can easily go along with the interior of the house because of their neutral color. Jute rags are suited for medium traffic areas of your home since they are not much sturdy and thick as compared to their peers.

6 – Sturdy bamboo rugs

Bamboo rugs are more reliable for long-term usage as they are capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear. Using it in heavy foot traffic areas like the Modular Kitchen Chennai can prove beneficial. It adds a serene touch to your living area and due to its uniqueness, the design of your living room would be appetizing. 

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