The colors are very fickle. So one of the most difficult parts is to select the color for the room. There are many shades and they should be selected in the right proportion. The harmonies will be ruined if the wrong shade is selected. So to select it properly and make them have a balanced look one can use the four laws associated with it. So by knowing the rule one will know how to select the color. The interior designers in Chennai will know about all the details regarding the four color rules.


The best interior designers in Chennai will know about all the rules that are required. They are:

  • 60-30-10 rule
  • Warm vs cool colors
  • Complementary color scheme
  • Analogous color scheme

60-30-10 rule:

The best rule one can know about interior designing is the 60-30-10 rule. One can use the rule to make the color palette balance. It can be of any aesthetic or how one wants the house to look like. So for this rule one should use three colors in the 60, 30 and 10 percent for the design one made. Firstly a dominant shade is chosen. That shade will take up almost60 percent of the room space. This will almost be a neutral color inorder to avoid having an overwhelming feeling. The second color should be a bit bold and it will occupy 30 percent of the space. Lastly the 10 percent of color can be of the accent color which should be a bold shade.

Warm vs cool colors:

This refers to the specific colors on the color wheel. Yellow, orange and the red or traditional color are vibrant colors. The brown color is also added in it. These colors are called the warm colors. So when we look at the cool color it will have colors like blue, green, purple and grey. So the energy of the space can be easily affected with the mixing of the warm and the cool colors. For the entertaining spaces, dining rooms and kitchen one can use the warm color as it will have a welcoming feel. The cool colors are best for bedroom, office as it will have a calming energy.

Complementary color scheme:

The complementary color scheme is considered as one of the simplest methods. The color scheme just uses two colors only. It will use two colors which are directly opposite to each other in the color wheel. So the color combination will be extremely contrasting and so it will bring out strong energy to the space. It should be used in small doses only.

Analogous color scheme:

 If using the wheel for selecting is difficult then one can use this method. So for this method one should choose a central color and the adjacent colors are to be chosen. There will be two primary colors and the last one will be a mix of two colors. For this different color from the same shade can be chosen. Using this it can create a visual variety in different ways.

So one can contact the home interior designers in Chennai. They will help in choosing the correct color combination that is required.

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