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Interior Jumbo offers Modern Kitchen Design with a breath-taking center piece of style. Give your kitchen a bold, fashionable makeover with Interior Jumbo to enhance your cooking experience. Our designers help to bring out an aesthetic, high quality kitchen at an affordable price. Cooking is just a phrase which inculcates love. Being ardent is one thing and being possessive is another. But when it comes to kitchen, it needs both of them. Many clients drive us in need of more space, more storage and more of everything. We try to guide them toward easy solutions. Interior Jumbo has composed a few basic tips to modify your kitchen from being regular to modular. Main aspects involved in our Modular Kitchen Design,

  • We Plan for a Real Life
  • Create a vision to inculcate
  • Being Cogitative about materials and construction
  • Suggest contrasting elements

Interior Jumbo reinforces the exact positioning of well-designed cabinet parts, basket units, Open shelves, Glossy finish, frosted glass doors, countertops, chimney, etc to improve the aesthetics of a kitchen. We possess pre-manufactured cabinet parts and modules that are easily gathered to bring forth kitchen as a whole. Modular Kitchens have acquired huge popularity in the last decade and delved with many benefits. Array of vast materials are being used in which you may pick out your choice from a range of designs and colors. According to the customer’s choice, the gadgets and other components have been incorporated.

The designers from Interior Jumbo help you to transform the yearning of the home into a stylish functionality. We help you to build your dream kitchen with varied designs, colors and other combinations. The Modular Kitchen Chennai caters with well-defined storage, cabinetry, design, workspaces and facilitates easy accessibility. The customized Modular Kitchen designs are bound to look great and reduce the culinary task.

We, the Interior Jumbo focus mainly on the aspects of fashion and compatibility, affordability, Uttermost usage of the space provided, Easy to transfer and assemble, Cost and Maintenance factor, ease of replacing and repairing, and finally with a neat and tidy look. All these aspects add elegance to your kitchen. Interior Jumbo prefers to engage modernize kitchens in order to improve the picture of their home as more trendy and with classy look. Choose Interior Jumbo for a classy kitchen make over.

Find out numerous choices of modern kitchens:

1. Modular Kitchen with Acrylic cabinets:

This is likely one such where every customer highly prefer for their Home kitchen, as in here you can find utmost everything with a structured arrangement like Kitchen cabinets, trolleys and tabletops which are arrayed along one wall within a single layout and these are specifically applicable for small spaces and it is available in various specifications. Acrylic Finish kitchen can give perfect outcome for our Kitchen cabinets, as it provides brightness and glossy-look. The main advantage of having Acrylic Finish is mainly for its easy maintenance, exceptional finishing, outlast durability and scratch resistance.

2. L-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

It differs from other types of kitchen cabinets as it has its uniqueness of having the most adaptable layout, but this layout does not rely on one wall. So here we can have plenty of trolleys, drawers, storage space and countertop as it flawlessly gives us airy spacious feel and above all increases the overall appearance of your kitchen.

3. U-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

Well, this one particular type of kitchen layout has many advantages. If your kitchen space is large enough, then this is the ideal choice for you. As this specific kitchen format allows one to have an excess amount of storage space, trolleys than any other shaped kitchens and cooking, preparation will be at ease as it has vast space and even a small eating area can be designed at one end. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance because this kitchen is adjoined with three sidewalls.

4. Parallel Modular Kitchen:

We at Interior jumbo are guaranteed for this perfect parallel modular kitchen as we have our best Interior designers to look out for the perfection. Here compared with other Modular kitchens this fit easily in a lengthy space and working in this parallel kitchen makes people feel more comfortable. As it has parallel countertops and so that work can be easily split at long working areas will look like facing each other.

5. Island Modular Kitchen:

In this modernized world this type of kitchen is highly in demand by many customers and as per their request we designed many Island Modular kitchen which can be viewed at our site gallery, because of its modern looks and elegant type and this can be adapted to any surrounding and size, which is why the demand is more for Island Modular Kitchen.

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