Designing Women’s Wardrobe

Making big may sound good, but it does not always look perfect. The design doesn’t need size, and it all depends upon the perfection within a particular space.

The Living space may be smaller or larger, but all women need a perfect and clean space for hanging and placing their handbags, clothes, jewelry, and other important accessories.

According to Interior Designers In Chennai customizing women’s room wardrobe is not easy, but still, you can make it perfect like an expert by following some tips. 

Hanging Space

Items of clothing like lehengas, sarees, shrugs, and blouses are better to hang up. Use a vertical hanging two-way system. Keep clothes such as pants, skirts, etc., on the other side of the hanger, so that this will not damage the clothes. 

Wardrobe Drawers

Women wardrobe drawers need to be built in various depths. 

For bulky clothes, such as sweaters, jeans, pajamas can be kept in deep depth drawers, and soft and small clothes can be kept in less spaced drawers. 

Always leave a drawer separately for makeup products. Here, less expensive ornaments can be kept near or side of the vanity drawer. 

Add Mirror Panels To The Wardrobe Doors

There are varieties of mirror panels available for wardrobe doors. You can choose the best pattern from Interior Decorators In Chennai and add your favorite one to the doors of your wardrobe. This will give a unique look for the wardrobe in your living room.

Note: Do not go for wide mirrors, try for vertical mirrors. 

Place Some Hooks in your Wardrobe Doors

For quick and easy access to belts and hang scarves, stick hooks on the inner side of wardrobe doors. 

Stick 3 to 4 hooks and do not go for many. 

Baskets In The Top of the Wardrobe

You may not use your seasonal clothes often, so make a separate basket and keep it at the top of the wardrobe. This will leave you a lot of space, and your wardrobe looks more unique. 


By catching all the tips, you can make your wardrobe look classy and spacious. 

If you are planning for a rich look and need more experts to design your wardrobe, then you can choose the Home Interior Designers In Chennai and make your living space more wonderful. 

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