Wall Interior Designing | Beautiful Wall Panelling Selection (2020)

If you are planning for a living room with a tremendous and classy look, then wall paneling is the right choice for you to go. Not only does it give you a traditional look, but the interior designs also cover the unstructured architectural work and make it perfect. 

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What Is Wall Panelling?

Wall paneling is traditionally used as the insulation between the walls and the room. But the upgraded world is now paneling it also for the aesthetic look. But wall paneling has another advantage, along with the insulation and look, the wall paneling will give the structural shape. 

Best Wall Panelling Materials

The material mostly used in Wall Paneling, 


Wooden panels are made of engineered wood or board and all the other wood related materials such as teak, maple, etc.


Wainscot is related to wood, this is one of the most used materials for Wall Panelling. It is installed at the bottom of the wall. It is a traditional wall paneling style. 


Fabric panels give a luxurious look for the walls of the bedroom. And it has a great advantage, that it does not allow the noise outside the room. This is the main reason that homes with kids mostly use fabric as their wall paneling material. Our Interior Designers In Chennai is capable of placing the innovative fabric wall paneling. 


Metal wall panels are an edge for the modern room, and it does not alone give the perfect structure, the panels can be installed within less time. It provides additional life for the House wall. Yes, we all know that metals have a longer life than many other materials. 


Though it is expensive, luxury villas and start hotels always prefer glass as their first choice. 

It gives a complete classic look. 

Is all the material expensive?

Glass, Fabric, are expensive, wooden panels are best and are inexpensive than most of the top suggested materials for panels. 

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