How to select the best Island Modular Kitchen

Contemporary modular kitchen by Interior Designers In Chennai designs are classy, operational, and adaptable, with something to suit every requirement and desire. Island kitchens are becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers, and for good reason. Island kitchens are both effective and visually appealing, and they offer solutions to a variety of common problems.

Unless your kitchen lacks stack and cabinet space, an island can provide additional working space as well as storage. Toasters, Microwaves, OTGs, food processors, water purifiers, and other appliances can be housed in it. An island can be the ideal solution provided by Interior Decorators In Chennai for those who require extra space for food preparation.

If having two people working along the same counter or trying to prepare large meals on a singular counter feels a little crowded, the island provides more room to move for more people to collaborate in the kitchen. If you have a straight or galley kitchen, the sink or hob can be placed separately on the island to create the desired kitchen work triangle.

So here are a few modular kitchen models that will inspire you to get a modular island kitchen instantly!

Luxurious brown and whites 

This gorgeous island kitchen is done in opulent brown and white tones. The island here serves as a breakfast counter, and the lighting arrangement is pleasing, adding to the counter’s visual appeal as well as functionality. The kitchen’s single straight counter can be used for cooking and washing, while the island can be used for chopping or serving food to casual guests. Why limit yourself to breakfast when this counter is suitable for a happy dinner for two people!

Classy oak design 

A central island complements an L-shaped counter in this classic oak and white kitchen. The island is placed in such a way that it divides the kitchen space according to traffic flow while also providing additional cooking, preparation, and storage space. The island serves as a focal point for the room while also blending in with the remaining kitchen.

Monochromatic design 

This island kitchen, designed by Best Interior Designers in Chennai in a stylish black and white scheme, maximizes storage and accommodates multiple functions. The sink is housed on the island, which is useful not only for chopping and washing but also for providing comfortable seating for friends and family. The area beneath the sink also serves as a storage area for kitchen supplies.

Toned shades of colors 

You’ll enjoy cooking in this welcoming, comfortable, and spacious island kitchen. The island here houses the hob and serves as a separate cooking area, releasing up the remaining counter space for many other purposes. The island Modular Kitchen Chennai also provides storage for cutlery and other regularly used items, reducing time and effort spent cooking.

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