Learn About The Trending Kitchen Design Ideas

Learn About The Trending Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you like to be recognized as old-fashioned? Nobody wants that. Instead, we all love being aligned with the latest, vibrant, and modern trends. It’s time that in India, we start considering fashion trends while designing the kitchen as well. Besides, the kitchen is the heart of your home. Making it more appealing gives you a pleasant vibe around your home. The decor changes are primarily in materials, cabinet design, storage, and colors. Moreover, you should consider remodeling your kitchen for comfortable, easy, and friendly cooking.

We are happy to share some insights on the latest trending ideas in kitchen design. If you want professional help, please reach out to the best interior designers in Chennai.


With many variations in color shades and patterns available, you can be innovative. For instance, paint your countertops with bright hues instead of subtle ones. Different tiles and materials are available to get more creative with the countertops. A coloured countertop gives a vibrant look to your kitchen. There is a recent fad for dual-toned kitchens. Two contrasting colors are chosen in designing the kitchen. The contrasting light and dark colors make your kitchen stylish and fresh.

Smart Kitchen

The most revolutionary aspect of kitchen trends is the smart kitchen. In a smart kitchen, everything is made responsive. It allows you to add motion sensors, even voice-controlled electrical appliances like refrigerators which are trending in the market. This type of kitchen would support the increasing work-from-home culture. You can also include additional plug points, mobile holders etc. and make your kitchen better co-operative to your emerging lifestyle needs.

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Traditionally in India, marbles and plywood are used for kitchen design. Though they are elegant and perfect, maintenance is back-breaking. Stainless steel kitchens, on the other hand, allow you easy and quick cleaning. Take a step forward in making a bright and bold choice with stainless steel kitchens.

Loft Style

Loft-style kitchen is the most innovative and will be a trending choice soon. Decorate your tall ceilings with metallic lights and hangings. Choosing a wooden finish or white color can give a sophisticated look. Experienced interior decorators in Chennai can help make your kitchen modern and functional with loft style.

Hidden Appliances

Hiding appliances are one of the most popular trends in kitchen design. Many prefer hiding kitchen appliances inside cabinets rather than leaving them open. Your kitchen may appear clumsy when left open. Choose a plan to hide your appliances for a neat and classy look.

Kitchen Garden

Adding shelves to hold plant pots is ideal for making your kitchen decor elegant. Useful herbs like basil, mint, and rosemary are the best choice to grow in your kitchen. Despite being a good hobby growing your food is an essential skill to be learnt by everyone. Plenty of indoor decor plants are available in the market to make your kitchen greener. 

Constant changes in trends and fashion demand us to learn and adapt to a new lifestyle. Remodelling your living space with the help of the best interior designers in Chennai at Interior Jumbo is one of the best ways to embrace change.

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