Five interior design tips to liven up your living room!

We all have a burning desire to make our home feel like it is the most wondrous place on earth. Not only for us but also for all the guests that visit us. It so happens that the latter is the very reason we choose to tidy up our home to make it look like a wonderland!

Most people flock to their nearest Home Interior Designers In Chennai and take their help in making their shelter comfortable and appealing. But once you choose to make changes to your home, it brings up a question. Where should I start? What should I do?

It is always best to start with the place you and all the guests spend the most time in. That must always be your living room. It is the place where all the conversations happen and it is also the place where all the weekend is spent binging Netflix with the family. But most important of all, it is the first thing an outsider sees while they enter the house, and hence begin the interior design enhancements from the living room.

Here are some tips to liven up your living room!

1 – Start from the basics

It is not necessary to send all your troops at the beginning. First, start the design work from the ground up. Pick out the most elementary things you can do in your living room. Most of the Interior Designers In Chennai would suggest moving furniture to the center of the room if it is cramped up against the wall or to go more basic, they might suggest you free up all the clutter and make everything minimalistic.

2 – Lighting matters!

A flat, white fluorescent lightbulb in the living room or any space for that matter might mar the entire atmosphere of the space because the bright white lights can be boring by its nature and would not make the overall design work even if all the things are right! 

Interior Decorators In Chennai would improve the vibe by placing sensible yet enough LED lights to see clearly, preferably between 2,500 kelvins to 3,000 kelvins.

3 – More natural lighting

Bringing in enough natural lighting inside your living room is always beneficial for an inviting atmosphere indoors. Simple adjustments to the curtains or making the window frame a little larger would allow more natural light to flow into the room.

Using mirrors in pivotal locations would help reflect the soft, natural light all across the room. It is an easy technique to make your living room appear more spacious!

4 – Use textures and soft colors

Adding textures creates more depth to the living space. Experiment with different fabrics like linen, velvet, faux fur, and some finishes like metal, glass, or wood. 

Make use of soft pastel colors to add a sensible touch to the overall design of the room. It would do wonders to implement color repetition and patterns to add to the sophistication of the design.

5 – Add some greenery

Most of the Best Interior Designers in Chennai recommend adding a tinge of greenery inside the living room for a pristine look and a neat finish. It makes the design of the living space more serene and pleasing to look at. It is not to be confused with nurturing a garden but more about adding little saplings in a glass jar to punctuate the gaps between shelves or any other points you prefer.

With the combined knowledge of these tips and your creativity, liven up your living room now!

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