How To Choose The Right Material For Your Wardrobe?

How To Choose The Right Material For Your Wardrobe?

Is MDF suitable for wardrobes, or should you choose traditional materials such as wood, a timeless wardrobe material? If you find yourself caught in this ultimate dilemma, worry not! Interior Jumbo, one of the best interior designers in Chennai, is here to assist you. The market is flooded with various wardrobe materials, making the decision-making process challenging. Hence, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of wardrobe materials to help you determine the best option for your needs.

Moreover, when considering aesthetics, you can rely on the wardrobe finish to complement the room’s interior design, in terms of texture or color. That being said, the ideal wardrobe material balances durability, functionality, and a touch of style. Here’s a list of wardrobe materials for you to choose from:


Plywood is an exceptionally durable material for wardrobes, serving as a sturdy alternative to solid wood. The construction of this wardrobe material involves assembling multiple layers of wood veneer sheets, creating a uniformly distributed strength that forms solid layers. Despite its robust nature, plywood is notably lighter and more user-friendly than solid wood, making it a versatile choice for intricate wardrobe designs.

This quality positions plywood as an excellent sheet material for wardrobes. Plywood offers the flexibility to adorn it with various colors without compromising its strength and acting as a laminate foundation. The availability of plywood in larger sheets minimizes wastage, allowing for the coverage of expansive surface areas with a single sheet.


One excellent choice is the Medium Particle Fibreboard (MDF). Comprising compressed wood residue, MDF offers a smooth and even surface due to using fine particles during its manufacturing process. This quality makes it particularly well-suited for painting. Not only is MDF affordable, but it is also more budget-friendly than plywood. Furthermore, it stands out as an environmentally friendly option, utilizing waste wood in its production.

The smooth edges of MDF allow for decorative cuts and corners, enhancing its versatility in wardrobe designs. Overall, MDF is an excellent choice among wardrobe materials, especially in making modular kitchen Chennai cabinets, combining cost-effectiveness, environmental consciousness, and design flexibility.

Particle Board:

Like MDF, particleboard is an engineered material for wardrobes crafted from recycled wood chips and sawdust, presenting an environmentally friendly alternative. In contrast to MDF and plywood, this material tends to be more budget-friendly and frequently comes pre-laminated, streamlining the decision-making process. 


Glass is an excellent choice for wardrobe materials due to its compatibility with other materials. Its modern aesthetic has propelled it to a prominent position on the list of preferred wardrobe materials. Wardrobes with glass fronts impart a sense of airiness to what would otherwise be a solid structure, motivating homeowners to maintain a tidy interior. Unlike many other wardrobe materials, glass is resilient against wear and tear and easily cleaned from fingerprints and stains.

Those who aren’t fond of transparent glass can always choose opaque and coloured glass, presenting equally appealing alternatives while providing more privacy.

Whether you opt for the robust versatility of plywood, the smooth and cost-effective appeal of MDF, the budget-friendly and environmentally conscious option of particleboard, or the contemporary elegance of glass, each material has unique advantages. At Interior Jumbo, we have the best interior decorators in Chennai who can understand the challenges of selecting suitable wardrobe material and guide you by providing valuable insights to simplify your decision-making process.