Wallpaper Or Paint - What To Choose Your Living Space?

Wallpaper Or Paint – What To Choose Your Living Space?

Do you find yourself facing a dilemma when it comes to your plain home walls? Perhaps you’ve scoured for ideas and narrowed it down to either wallpaper or paint. While each option has advantages and disadvantages, many homeowners in India grapple with the question: “Which is better, wallpaper or paint?” That’s why Interior Jumbo, one of the best interior designers in Chennai has demystified the debate between wallpaper and paint, providing valuable insights into how they perform in Indian households. Here, you’ll discover helpful information about wallpaper and paint tailored to their suitability in Indian living spaces.


There are many choices available, whether you opt for wallpaper or paint. Regardless of whether you lean towards wallpaper or paint in the wallpaper vs paint debate, both offer the potential for remarkable and diverse outcomes. 

Wallpapers come in many designs, ranging from sophisticated classical motifs to lively contemporary patterns. As for paint, it is available in virtually every imaginable color, granting you the freedom to mix and match hues effortlessly. Also, wallpapers include fabric, vinyl, embossed textures, suede, and foil printing finishes, giving striking balance to your interiors. Similarly, with paint, you can select from various finishes such as semi-gloss, satin, glossy, and matte.


Both wallpaper and paint have their merits in terms of durability. Wallpaper, known for its longevity, can serve as a lasting wall design solution, lasting up to 15 years, depending on its quality. On the other hand, when correctly applied, high-quality paint can maintain its appeal for approximately five years. However, it’s worth noting that wallpaper, despite its extended lifespan, is not immune to tearing and potential damage. In contrast, paint tends to fade and peel, especially with exposure to sunlight and high usage areas like modular kitchen Chennai, which requires touch-ups every three years or so. Therefore, regarding durability, wallpaper emerges as the more resilient option.


Utilizing wallpaper and paint offers effective methods for elevating the visual charm of Indian residences. Employ textured paints or vibrantly patterned wallpapers to craft captivating backgrounds for your furniture arrangements. Likewise, you can elevate the focal points on your walls by incorporating these materials in distinctive shapes. 


Paint provides extensive opportunities for personalization since it can be formulated in any color you desire. You can select from various paint swatches or blend shades and tints to achieve a tailored hue.

Conversely, wallpaper is still an emerging concept in India. While a wide range of pre-designed patterns is available in stores throughout the country, finding a supplier for custom patterns can be a bit challenging.

Choosing wallpaper and paint for your living space in India depends on your preferences, budget, and desired aesthetic. Ultimately, you may find that a combination of both wallpaper and paint is an ideal solution to transform your Indian home into a captivating and personalized haven. Approach Interior Jumbo one of the best home interior designers in Chennai for captivating patterns and mesmerizing aesthetics for a dynamic interior.