Perfect Kitchen Plan

Perfect Kitchen Plan For Your Home!

As a homemaker, where do you spend most of your time at home? Indeed, it’s the kitchen. Yes, every homemaker’s day starts from preparing breakfast and ends with making dinner. So, it isn’t obvious that you need a functional and comfortable setup to make you more convenient. Sure it does, and that is the reason why you should have a perfect kitchen to meet all your needs. You won’t believe that various studies have shown that pull-out drawers, cabinets, and cupboards are opened approximately 16 times a day. The study also shows that the kitchen ranks second place next to the bathroom in the injury-prone areas. Thus, you need a well-designed kitchen which is both operational and appealing at the same time. Hence, the professional interior designers in Chennai are the best to work on the modular kitchen that fits your needs. Therefore, here are some suggested ideas and tips that can help you have a perfect kitchen plan for your home.


The foremost thing in planning a perfect kitchen is to figure out the layout. Every house and kitchen need a different layout or outline to serve the purpose. The layout refers to the shape that is more convenient and enables you to work faster. The various kitchen layouts available for our Indian homes are straight line, U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel, island, and peninsula modular kitchens. The U-shaped modular kitchen Chennai is the best choice for our Indian homes because it can accommodate multiple cooks at a time. Every layout is designed to meet one or more requirements of the client. So, before choosing the type make sure the layout has ample workspace, storage capacity, and is accessed from any point.

Golden triangle:

Another tip in designing the perfect kitchen is to use the “Golden triangle” formula to make the kitchen work efficiently. The golden triangle refers to the main workspaces of the kitchen which include the countertop, refrigerator, and sink. Thus, these three areas in a kitchen form a triangle that serves the primary purpose of cooking. You must design a modular kitchen that connects these areas in a triangular format to move freely within the space. The home interior designers in Chennai suggest that the golden triangle is not disturbed by any islands or cabinets which can interrupt the workflow.

Understanding the purpose:

The third step in designing the perfect kitchen is to understand the purpose and who works primarily in the kitchen. For example, if you have elders and they can cook, then choosing too many low cabinets can cause stress for them. Instead choosing cupboards at a normal height works well. So, choose the kitchen accessories, style, and storage facilities as per the person who works in the kitchen most of the time.

Thus, these are the fundamental factors involved in designing a perfect kitchen for your home. Interior Jumbo is the best interior designer in Chennai that offers you a variety of options with quality elements that give a personalized touch to your kitchen.

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