Modular Kitchen Design


When comparing the traditional and the modular kitchen, the modular kitchen is more efficient and is highly useful. Not all people know the efficiency of the modular kitchen. The modular kitchen is not made just to give the modern look. Instead it is designed in order to make the cooking experience easy and utilizing the maximum space for organizing the things. Even though it is expensive, it is worth every single rupees one spend on it. One can search for modular kitchen Chennai to get a clear idea about it.

Things to remember:

The best interior designers in Chennai will know what should be done before installing a modular kitchen. They are 

  • Space available
  • Electrical fixture
  • Storage requirement
  • Counter top
  • Color
  • Quality
  • Low maintenance 

Space available:

The designing of a modular kitchen will vary with the availability of space in the kitchen. For a small kitchen one can design parallel or straight kitchen. Otherwise it will have a cramped look. But for a large kitchen area one can go with L and U shape or island kitchen design. Sort the things which are in use and sort the things you like. See if the available space is enough for having it or one can expand the space. One should know and think about all the possibilities.

Electrical fixture:

Before designing it is better to keep in mind the electrical and the plumbing points and slots. This should be done mainly for the apartments but for the independent house one can plan according to the modular units. Make sure that the kitchen is well lit and has proper ventilation. Check if there is an easy outlet for water.

Storage requirement:

Before designing it is advisable to analyze the storage requirements so that one can easily plan the drawers, shelf cabinet and the tall units. The storage capacity depends on the usage pattern of the people on how they will stock up the supplies. It is better to have pull out drawers if there are elderly people in the house. 

Counter top:

As longevity is important for the kitchen, the most important thing which will require all the attention is the counter top. Depending upon the type of cooking done in the house one can choose the material for the counter top. The material will include marble, granite or the engineered stones.


Use a color which has more reflective properties. One can easily avoid colors like black and brown as they are not good reflectors of light. It is better to have quality lightning on the walls and the ceilings. Install an advance electrical chimney to have proper ventilation for the cooking range. 


When installing a modular kitchen it is important to not compromise on the quality. Keep in mind that anything you build in the kitchen is going to be permanent. So quality plays a vital role. If it exceeds the budget one can pick the material with a reasonable price rather than going for an expensive one. 

Low maintenance:

The main reason why one prefers the modular kitchen is to make life easy by accessing the space. So it is advisable to use materials which one can maintain at a low price. People can use the low maintenance materials like stainless, marble for the kitchen tops and the  glass or wood for cabinets. 

So to make it perfect and include all the important aspects one can contact the home interior designers in Chennai.

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