10 Space-Boosting Strategies For Your Living Room

10 Space-Boosting Strategies For Your Living Room

Living room is where the most time is spent. Be it quality time with family, watching tv, reading books, or addressing the guests, the living room plays a multi-functional role in a home. Therefore, it should provide optimal comfort for everyone and should be aesthetically pleasing. Having a tiny or packed living room makes the whole house appear smaller and unorganized. If you are having a claustrophobic room, conferring with residential home interior designers in Chennai like Interior Jumbo can provide you with more alternative ideas. Here we have furnished some design strategies to maximize your living room space.

10 Space-Boosting Strategies For Your Living Room

1. Opt for an open-plan design

Combining the living room with an open modular kitchen in Chennai followed by dining space will make your living room appear bigger than usual. Use glass dividers, semi-open partitions, planters, or rugs instead of walls. These elements distinguish the different zones without completely closing them visually from each other. 

2. Furniture size matters

The furniture size should be appropriately proportioned to the room size. Go for the sleek furniture which has a limited footprint to make the space feel more spacious. Avoid overpacking the living room with various tables, chairs, and other accessories. 

3. Low-weight furniture

Make the space look larger and the ceiling of the living room look higher by installing low-weight sofas. Also, the color of the sofa should be of neutral shades.

4. Movable furniture

Lightweight furniture that is easily movable around the living room facilitates the recreation of styles and dynamic layouts according to your need. Consider a U-shaped or L-shaped layout according to the size and shape of the living room.

5. Choose your paints wisely

Neutral colors like ivory or beige will make the light bounce around the living room making it appear larger and spacious. Go with a cohesive color theme that blends with the furniture, accessories, and walls.

6. Use shelves and built-in cabinets

Built-in cabinets and shelves help with space-saving solutions when small living rooms are designed. Consider furniture with storage and foldable furniture to make room for storage.

7. Layered lighting scheme

Avoid using floor lamps and go with the wall scones or recessed lighting in the false ceiling that illuminates the living room to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

 8. Multi-functional furniture

Opt for furniture that can be tucked when it is not in use. Installing a sofa bed can be very helpful when you have many guests coming over. Go for ottoman or nesting stools and tables that can be stored in a console.

9. Utilize natural light

Large windows make an outdoor-indoor connection and allow natural light to seep in. Allowing the natural light will make the living room appear bigger. Sheer curtains can be used, as they will not obstruct the light flow. Use mirrors to reflect the natural light.

10. Floating media unit

Confer with interior designers in Chennai to choose a media unit that floats as it imparts lightness visually and does not consume the floor space.

Maximize your living room space with the above-mentioned tips and design strategies and make your home more stunningly spacious. Interior Jumbo, the interior designers in Chennai would provide you professional assistance with making your living room creative, functional, and the best space to spend your valuable time.

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